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The Be Cool Thunder Isofix car seat is one of the most demanded by moms and dads. It covers the three groups: 1+2+3 and is approved from 9 kg to 36 kg in weight. It offers a high level of safety and support through the Isofix system. In addition, it has a third anchorage point with a belt in the backrest called top-tether.
If you need information about baby products, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals, we will be happy to help and advise you! You can also visit the manufacturer’s website. The safety and comfort of your baby is very important to us.
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15 reviews 18 January 2021 5 A very safe and comfortable seat for the baby. The isofix system makes it hold perfectly and podetsrtreclinar a little makes on long trips the baby is better positioned.
4 reviews 04 December 2017 4 I find it a very comfortable chair to go in the direction of the march I bought it for the side safety system in case of collision;since most accidents are lateral. It has a recline so that in case they fall asleep the head does not go forward. I have it anchored with the Isofix system.
14 reviews 17 June 2016 5 I love this seat. We chose it because it looked super comfortable and the princess seems to corroborate that. The fabric gives a little bit of heat in summer but it is very comfortable and fluffy. It is very comfortable and when reclining she sleeps very well.

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In the market for child safety in the car you will find a huge number of models of car seats. One of the best sellers for its quality, price and safety is the Be Cool Thunder Isofix car seat. You can find it in our store El Planeta del Bebé.
The Thunder Isofix includes Isofix connectors that allow it to be better attached to the car seat, guaranteeing its stability and remaining completely fastened in times of great stress, such as in the event of an impact or sudden braking.  Most vehicles already have these Isofix connectors but, before making your purchase, you should make sure that your car has this type of anchorage.
The Thunder Isofix fabric is removable and can be hand washed at 30° maximum. Before washing the fabric, we recommend that you purchase an additional liner so that you can continue to use it in the meantime.

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