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Whenever you can, choose the version recommended by the project manager, it is usually green, this assures us that there are updates and security improvements and that the module works properly.
If we analyze the url of a page in question, we could break down the information by secondary dimensions. In this example we show you the secondary dimension breakdown by device category:
As you can see in the table, we see by what type of device users are accessing our pages. This allows us to take actions to improve in case our website is not adapted for this type of device.
Micro conversions help the user to make a macro conversion. For example, in a landing page we have a banner with a call to action of a product (micro), the user clicks on the button, it takes him to the product where he finally decides to buy it (Macro).
For example, in an ecommerce you can set as an objective to know which is the category of products that has sold the most; in a corporate website how many users have contacted through a form; and in a blog it could be the subscriptions to the newsletter.

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The way it works is based on three processes: data collection, data processing and reporting. However, to start with this process, as with any strategy, you should set some objectives.
Interestingly, the tool also allows you to configure the objectives you consider important. click on a particular element. However, you also have the option of using the objectives that the tool itself sets automatically.
Once you have set a goal, it is important to define the attribution model you are going to use.  An attribution model is the system by which you are going to assign the contribution value to the objective of each of the channels involved in the customer experience.
In addition, it is interesting to combine this data with that relating to the relationship between the length of the content and the time spent. If your content is long but the dwell time does not exceed one minute, something is happening.
Dwell time is an essential data for some websites, especially those focused on enhancing their content. However, for any website, a higher dwell time is always synonymous with success.

But beware, this should not be taken as the main reason for its success; the real reason is its enormous potential and usefulness. Had it not been an excellent and very complete tool, it would not have been able to become a market leader in this way.
Especially when your website is a business, this is vital information to be able to make the right decisions to make the business work. It will tell you what works and what doesn’t and will alert you to failures and problems, so you can take the necessary corrective measures.
As you have seen, using or not using a web analytics tool is the difference between being absolutely blind, being in the dark, and knowing exactly what is happening on your website and, thanks to this, being able to maintain control and make good decisions.
Moreover, while the most basic part is very easy and immediate to use, the advanced stuff, such as the creation of customized reports, conversion goals, etc., is quite sophisticated. Its advanced functionality is quite sophisticated and takes some time to master.

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o Create customized reports taking into account our interests and so we can track our goals or KPIs will reflect if we are on the right track in our online strategy.
o Make a comprehensive monitoring of the proper functioning of our website and all its pages, ie, make a complete web analytics, to know if users understand the routes that have been created to make them easier to visit, if the page loads correctly or takes forever to provide images, etc..