Master in supply chain management

University of los andes

To face a globalized, competitive and changing economy, companies and their professionals demand a higher level of efficiency and productivity. For this, we prepare you in the areas of logistics and supply control, while developing your management skills to become the desired professional of any company.
At the end of the master’s program, students have the option of a two-week residential stay at the Amsterdam School of International Business (EPAS accredited) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
The need for training is a constant while the world we live in is uncertain. In this new reality we have developed the protocols and methodologies so that our students can continue with quality training and professional development in our Madrid/Barcelona campuses, virtual classroom, Hybrid format, or from anywhere in the world. We are a community committed to the education, welfare and safety of all.

Master’s degree in logistics spain

Exceptionally, at the request of the Master’s Management and with the prior authorization of the Postgraduate Commission, students who do not meet the above conditions may be admitted to the Master’s program, provided that they meet the accredited circumstances of training, professional experience, scientific qualification or pass the specific test that, where appropriate, is established.
Ability to manage and optimize the logistics chain as a whole, relying on a joint knowledge of the various activities that compose it and the new information technologies.

Lscm master

The Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management prepares you to become a highly qualified professional who will be highly sought after and valued in the logistics activity of any organization.
With this training you will meet the urgent need for talent that the most important companies in the logistics sector are requesting, as there is an alarming shortage of adequately trained professionals to fill different jobs in these organizations.
The training sessions will have active teachers and company consultants who will not only train you in the critical aspects of logistics activity in the supply chain, but will also provide their experience and best practices throughout the sessions so that you can adapt the concepts explained in a real execution environment.
The Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is supported by the main logistics, transport and mobility companies operating in the Valencian Community, as well as business and professional associations and institutions.    In addition, students who so wish may carry out internships in these companies.

University of barcelona master’s degree in logistics

The university master’s degree in Supply Chain, Transport and Mobility (web of the master’s degree) (formerly university master’s degree in Logistics, Transport and Mobility) trains professionals, technicians with a high degree of excellence in the analysis, management and optimization of logistics and transport systems in the field of civil engineering and industrial engineering. These are basic activities in the articulation of society, the productivity of the economy of a territory and the quality of life of the population. Specialties Show full text Hide full text