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His mother’s reaction was not much different. «She thought that my situation with him was going to be difficult, that I should be careful. She even told me to take the relationship very slowly. Then, over time, she calmed down. He always asks me about him, how are we doing,» she said.
It is also true that she told him after a reasonable amount of time had passed. «At the beginning, I kept it very secret. It stayed in a closed circle of friends, and it’s not like I was telling everyone in the first few months».
In the time that elapses between taking the tests and getting the results, the couple increases precautions: «We always keep that first day of abstinence,» explains the young woman, who implies that it is usually difficult because they don’t see each other for a long time.
That is when he is not traveling for work. The actor can be away from home for several weeks due to work commitments, and Vero doesn’t take that well. «I grew up in a family with many members in my family, and I’ve always had that thing where I like to be with people in my house, that there is joy…. If he’s not there, I get a little bit down. The house falls down on you, and those days when you can’t be in contact with him, I don’t take it well. But it’s not the end of the world,» she explains.

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This, of course, has made him jealous at the beginning of the relationship, as he says, in which he came to think if any of the actresses with whom he shared films had ever proposed to repeat. «Later I saw the work environment, the professionalism they have and it gives a great confidence. I’ve taken it better than I thought I would,» she says.
In fact, what’s worse for him is not that, but Jordi’s long stays away from home due to filming. «I get the blues. The house falls down on me although it’s not the end of the world either,» she says, recalling that the best moment of the day is the video call they make, regardless of the schedule.
The same thing happened with her friends who, she says, at first didn’t understand it although it has subsequently become commonplace. «Once the novelty wore off, it was already the same roll as between any group of girlfriends.»

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