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Although long dresses can be worn both day and night, we recommend them for an evening event in case you are in doubt about which one to wear. Tintoretto has options for all tastes although, as we mentioned before, neutral tones overshadow the collection this Spring-Summer. Glitter, rhinestones, straight cuts … but with a classic touch that make these looks ideal to be the center of attention of all eyes.
One of the crown jewels of the collection. It has the most in trends of the season: ruffles, floral print, V-neckline and a straight but fluid fall. This dress doesn’t need much more, but if you want to take it to a more boho style, some water waves and maxi earrings would be the ideal choice. It is perfect for a daytime cremonia.
This short dress, with flowing sleeves, round neckline and a very twenties low shot skirt has conquered us. It is ideal if you like classic cuts and lady style, romantic and sophisticated. Combine it with accessories in the same line, simple but perhaps with some glitter or silver tones. Nude shoes are the best option, what do you think?

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The church of Santa Maria Zobenigo, officially Santa Maria del Giglio is a Catholic church located in the Campo de Santa Maria Zobenigo, west of Piazza San Marco, in the district of San Marco in Venice.
The building was built by the Zobenigo family in the 10th century. Pietro Barbarigo was the owner of a building located in the Campo de Santa Maria Zobenigo and had commissioned Giambattista to paint a painting entitled Nobility and Virtue Shattering Ignorance, executed between 1744 and 1745. It later became the ceiling of the Sala Tiepolo in Ca’ Rezzonico.[1] The ceiling of the nave is decorated in the nave.
The ceiling of the nave is decorated with a large fresco by Antonio Zanchi. The nave is adorned with depictions of the Stations of the Cross, works by artists such as Francesco Zugno, Gianbattista Crosato, Gaspare Diziani, and Jacopo Marieschi.

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Renaissance Venice, in the 16th century. Tintoretto (1518-1594) is an unconventional artist, restless and characterized by a desire for independence and total love of freedom. During a culturally flourishing century, in which Titian and Veronese, two other giants of art also played a leading role, and will be Tintoretto’s eternal rivals. This documentary, directed by Giuseppe Domingo Romano and featuring the testimony of historians, curators, writers and restorers, immerses us in the life and work of Tintoretto, in which the paintings The Virgin Mary Reading (1582- 1583) and The Virgin Mary in Meditation stand out. Actress Helena Bonham Carter is the film’s narrator.
The film’s release coincides with the restoration of two of Tintoretto’s masterpieces: The Virgin Mary Reading (1582-1583) and The Virgin Mary in Meditation (1582-1583). These two canvases have been restored in time to be exhibited as part of the monographic exhibition on Tintoretto taking place at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist’s birth.