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I took it to 3 specialized stores in Benasque, all three told me the same thing: bent titanal plate, that they could not put it in the press because it was very bent and that it was something very rare, but in a ski of medium-high range.

I have relatives who work at the Corte, and if you know, their motto is «the customer is always right no matter how many excuses he makes». In the end I suggested to them to please send them to the factory so that they could look at them themselves since they were still under warranty (I know people who have broken skis and have been given new ones), to which they told me again that it was my fault. I have had to get angry so that they would send them to me until they agreed.

I work at ECI and tell you that in response to «what have I won?», apart from the anger (I do not know what really happened) you have won that in the end El Corte Inglés, without ANY OBLIGATION (unless they are under warranty, and you have complied with the rules of the same) has agreed to pick up your skis and send them to the factory or to repair.